Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies, anyone?

 Over the weekend two of my kids and I went to the cookie drop off and picked up THIRTY cases of Girl Scout cookies.  Thirty CASES! 

 I did order 30 cases, but I underestimated how much room thirty cases of cookies need for transport.

I took along my Girl Scout and my Boy Scout to help load the car.  Rather I watched them load the car, hey, they liked it ;).

We do have an SUV, a rather large one (we have a lot of kids), and I probably should have taken that, but we managed.  Luckily the back seat in our little car splits and folds down.
So, if you need Girl Scout cookies, I have plenty!  My daughter set a rather lofty goal because she wants to earn the large stuffed polar bear you see.  Yes, it would be easier to buy her a large stuffed polar bear, but she wants to earn it and that is something to be proud of.  Every year she earns the stuffed animals and has a collection of them.  So that is what we will do, door to door, and sitting in front of the local Smart and Final night after night.  She is also selling Girl Scout cookies to earn money to donate books and to help pay for her camping trips that she loves so much.  There is also a cookie share program where you can donate the money for a buy a box of cookies and they will be sent to the troops.  No fuss, no muss.
Oh, and you don't have to worry about me eating even one of those cookies. I don't like them!  Not even a little bit.  So, thirty cases of cookies are sitting in my living room (well, less now, we have sold some) and they don't tempt me at all.  I wish I felt that way about all sweets!
If you get a chance, support your local Girl Scouts, they do good things :).

Monday, January 19, 2015

Well hello :)

I don't even know when I posted last...  I have had some struggles, but a lot of good days too.  I am not currently following any eating plan.  I am just eating and that could get me in trouble so I need to start following something.  My weight has stayed almost exactly the same since about Thanksgiving.  I continue to go to the gym and get in as much activity as possible, and I am sure that is helping my weight stay down.

I am carefully considering eating the Daniel Plan way.  I took the classes at the Saddleback Church last Spring and really enjoyed it but it never really *took* with me.  A couple of weekends ago the Saddleback Church had a DP rally that I really didn't plan on attending, until my friend started calling/texting me to go starting Friday night and wouldn't stop until I was out of bed and on my way Saturday morning :).

I was not sorry that I went.  It was full of information and the people were all upbeat and friendly.  I like it because it isn't just about the food.  It is about so much more.  Mind, body and soul.  I need healing in all aspects.  Sean Foy had us up out of our seats exercising and even showed us exercises that we could do in our seats to show us how easy it is to get movement in during the day.  I talked to him afterward and he was just so nice and upbeat and he gave me great advice and ideas about my physical health.

I took my books with me and Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Amen signed them.  I was able to carry on short conversations with them both about certain concerns that I have and they were both very nice and friendly.  I was sad that Pastor Rick Warren wasn't there, but he had had shoulder surgery and minor complications kept him from attending.

So, it ended up that I was very thankful to have such an annoying friend who knew that I needed to be there and I enjoyed the whole day very much.  I have been reading my books and getting reacquainted with the program.  My friend also started a small group that she fully expects me to attend lol. 

So, my journey continues in yet another direction.  I won't give up on being healthy and becoming medication free.  I may stumble, I may fall, but I keep getting up, and that's what matters.