Friday, October 24, 2014

back to my roots: revisiting Weight Watchers

I am still sick, can you believe that?!  But I am functioning now and I have even been back to the gym a few times for some light exercise.

While I was sick I thought a lot about getting back on track with my eating.  I am tired of trying to eat *right* and eat the *right* things.  It is just exhausting.  I decided to go back to counting points with Weight Watchers, which I haven't done in years.  In my past experience eating *right* comes naturally when I try to make my points stretch.

A little history of me and WW:  Let's see, about 17(!) years ago I joined WW for the first time when the point system first came out.  I think it was the 123 program.  I was very successful with that program losing over 40+ pounds in just a few months.  I was so close to goal that I could taste it!  Then I found out I was pregnant, although I only gained 16 pounds with that pregnancy, it was a struggle to get back on WW.  They kept changing the program, making it *better*, but I still preferred the first program.  Plus I had more babies after that, and with breastfeeding, my body went through a lot of changes.  I joined WW multiple times after I was done having babies and it just never stuck.  I could never find that success that I had the first time around.

But I have always liked WW, I do think it is a healthy way to eat.  I could just never afford it again. within the last couple of weeks I would peruse the WW website looking to see if they were having a *sale* on the web program.  But the cheapest I could find it was $60 for three months, which is still too much for me. 

Just a couple of days ago my friend told me that she is using an app for her phone that counts WW points and was only $1.99/one time charge.  So I bought that, what a great savings! 

So today starts my journey back to counting points.  I get a measly 26 points a day, plus 48 weekly points, and I plan on earning a few points from exercise.  I plan on using every last point.

 I have also joined a couple of online and facebook WW support groups, and those groups have been very helpful and supportive.  I am excited about getting back to my weight loss roots :).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

bed buddy

Still sick, ugh.  But now add in dizzy with a bad cough, double ugh.  My family is being awesome taking care of me and everything else.  And I have this guy to keep me company while I lay around in bed willing the room to stop spinning.