Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good-Bye Cable

So, last week all of out cable channels disappeared, and in place of regular programming appeared an announcement stating that I needed to go to my nearest Time Warner store and pick up digital cable boxes.

Fortunately, the cable store was RIGHT NEXT to where we meet for Girl Scouts, and we were going there THAT night.  So after dropping my daughter off I went next door.  Well not exactly next door, you see there was a HUGE line out of the door and down the walkway.  I took my place in the queue and decided to just be patient :).  There was an employee walking around passing out bottles of water, which was nice, I thought.

half the line, I wasn't the only one that waited until the last minute :)

When I got home I hooked one of the boxes up to the TV and a new announcement appeared on the channels that had disappeared.  Seemed we were no longer paying for those channels.  HUH?  I called the cable company, and sure enough, I needed to shell out another $20.00 a month for those channels. 

Um, no, that wasn't going to happen.  Cable is not a necessity around here anyway.  So I scanned through the channels we did have and the channels that I would watch, or that were in English, was exactly nine.  I was paying a hunk of money for NINE channels.  Um, no, it was time to say good bye to cable.

This morning I called to have it disconnected and the guy just would not accept that I wanted that to happen.  He tried every which way to get me to stay and pay MORE for more channels.  He even bad mouthed other cable/satellite companies which just annoyed me even further.  I finally said, very nicely, please just cancel the cable and he finally did.  Tonight after I drop my daughter and Girl Scouts I will go next door and drop off their boxes and be done with it.

So, now what?  Well, I have decided to keep Netflix for a little longer.  It is usually just a Summer indulgence, and we also have Hulu Plus to watch some shows on.  The internet offers a lot of free TV watching too so I think we will be okay.

Also, I dug out an old antennae from the garage and hooked it up to the TV and lo and behold, we got a lot more channels AND a lot of them were in HD, where as they weren't with the converter box.

After thinking about it, the only shows I will really miss are The Walking Dead, My 600 Pound Life, and The Last Ship.

And I am looking forward to saving money every month, so it's all good :).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

pushing through

My older kids went with the youth group to six flags today, so after dropping them off at the church, I came home and woke up the rest of the kids (they are late sleepers, and it is summer) and we went to the $1 movie at the local theater.  The theater runs a kids movie on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 for $1.  Years ago it was free, but it was also full of daycare kids and packed to the rafters.  I prefer paying $1 and not having the back of my seat kicked constantly.

The theater is just about half mile away, and I have thought about walking there with the kids, but they just sleep too late and like I said above, it is Summer :).

Today we went next door to the dollar tree and I let the kids pick out a candy.  We don't do this every week, but once in a while it's okay.  Instead of buying a candy for myself today like usual, I took some grapes and a bottle of water.  I was so glad that I did skipped the candy!  My kids didn't even eat all of their candy, they said it was too  much candy and wanted my grapes lol.

After the movies, it was still early (for us) so we stopped by the neighborhood park so the kids could run off some energy before going home.  It was a really nice morning with my (not so) little kids.

Since I really didn't have time to get to the gym this morning, I put my workout clothes on as soon as we got home from the park intending to go after lunch.  I wasn't sure how the afternoon workout would go since I am not use to going after eating two meals.  I usually go on an empty stomach or an hour after a small bowl of cheerios.

I finally made it to the gym at 3:00, about an hour after eating.  I wanted to match yesterdays time run/walking two miles.  At around 15 minutes I felt like I was going to throw up, at 22 minutes I was sure I was going to throw up.  I even started calculating the distance to the bathroom vs. the distance to the nearest trash can.  I also knew I wasn't going to make my goal.  I started thinking that I might as well quit now and just walk the rest of the time.  Why even bother if I wasn't going to make it, right?

But I actually became more determined and decided that if I make it or not, I was NOT going to give up the fight.  I just kept going and going and pretty soon I started to realize that I WAS going to make it!  I made it to two miles in 28 minutes and 40 seconds!  My best time yet.  I am SO glad that I did not give up!

I thought that I had taken a picture of the treadmills distance and time screen but when I got home and went to look for it it was not there :(.

I am debating if I am going to rest tomorrow or go to the gym again.  Technically it should be a rest day, but I may not be able to go Friday so I may go tomorrow instead.

I'm tired.  I need to finish some laundry and clean up the kitchen while I wait for time to go pick up my big kids.  I hope they get in soon!