Wednesday, November 26, 2014

trudging on...

I think I am over the hump with these shingles.  Some are scabbing over and others are simply drying up.  They aren't as sore, and the pain is very manageable.  I think those antivirals did the job they were suppose to do.  I still have to take them for two more days and I will be glad to be finished with them because they are wreaking havoc on my stomach.

I had an anonymous comment asking to see pictures of them.  Um, no.  They are not pleasant looking, and I don't want to have those images on my blog.  If you want to know what they look like, google image them.  There are plenty of pictures to see there!

Through it all I am still trudging on with counting my points and going to the gym.  I skipped the gym Monday thinking if I rested I would feel better.  It didn't seem to make a difference, so I went back yesterday and ended up earning 6 activity points (my Fitbit syncs with the WW website).  I had to get up and go early this morning because one of my kids needed to use my car (there are never enough cars around here) this morning.  I thought about going when he got home, but now I am glad I went early and got it over with.

What woke me early was two cats screaming and fighting in my backyard - again.  The sun had just come up and they were just going on and on.  I was afraid that they would wake the kids, or worse, the dogs, so I got up and looked out the window at them.  An orange cat had a black cat cornered way up in the top of one of out\r trees.  I said hello cats.  They both stopped what they were doing and looked at me.  The orange cat backed out of the tree and ran along the brick wall to another yard.  I looked at the orange cat and said, he's gone, you can go now.  He took off in a different direction lol.  They are youngish cats and I think they are vying for territory.  But do they have to do it so early?

I take pictures of a lot of what I eat throughout the day and post them on instagram.  I think the link from my blog is broken though, I will work on fixing it if anyone wants to follow me there and see what I am eating everyday.

Here is a what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast was a fiber one bad and coffee - 2 pp. 
Lunch was a nonfat bean and WW cheese burrito with green onions on a whole wheat tortilla with a side of avocado - 7 pp.
Dinner was O'Brien potatoes with cheese and a vegetarian tamale - 7 pp.

I also had a banana, a fiber one browning, and a bowl of crunch berries with non fat milk for 6 pp.

My hubby occasionally brings me home cookies that he knows I enjoy.  So I had these for a snack.

I really like these cookies, and they are only 4 pp for the bag.  Not a bad deal as a treat.

That was 26 pp for the day, my daily point limit.  Since I earned 6 activity points yesterday I could have eaten more, and I still have 45 of my weeklies left, but I was full and  satisfied.  I'll save those for another day :).

Monday, November 24, 2014


About a week ago  my left arm started to feel odd.  Like parts of it were sunburned, but there was no sunburn.  Then there was the odd tingling and almost numb feeling.

I knew right off what was coming.  Shingles.  I told people I was getting the shingles.  My kids rolled their eyes at me, my  husband acted concerned, my  mom, who had them three years ago, said I was too young to get them. 

But I knew.

I prepared.  I cleaned, I did laundry and I shopped.  Because that is what wives, moms, and caretakers do.  Right?  Even if I went down, the show still had to go on.

Wednesday night I got the first inkling of a rash on the inside of my wrist, where it connects to  my hand.  I showed people.  The kids rolled their eyes, my husband acted concerned, my mom asked if I had burned myself (I had not).

Thursday afternoon the inside of my arm was getting splotchy, itchy, tingly, and painful to the touch.  I told and showed people.  My kids rolled their eyes, my husband told me to make a doctors appointment, my mom said, well maybe...

Friday I had the teeniest tiniest blisters developing in the red marks that were now on the inside of my left thumb, left hand, and up my arm to  my shoulder.

I showed the doctor, she said - you have the shingles.

Then she added, you are only the second person I have seen with them on their arm.  It is unusual, they usually develop on the trunk, neck, head, and face.

I am unusual, but we knew that ;).

She gave me an antiviral to take five(!) times a day for a week.  They are suppose to lesson the severity and length of shingles, but we will see.

I now have giant blisters from the tip of the inside of thumb running in a (almost) straight line up the inside or my arm and over my shoulder.  The ones where my shirt sleeve cover popped last night and are drying up.  I am putting a antibacterial cream on them. 

The pain is searing and intense at times, but manageable for the most part.  My whole arm aches and everyone of those spots are sore to the extreme.

But I'm thankful, it could be so much worse, and in worse locations.

And through it all I am counting my points and even going to the gym.  I am not going to let this sideline me or throw me off of track.  I have been walking on the treadmill, very slowly, but I figure some movement is better than no movement.

Since being serious with WW this time around, and joining WW online three week ago, I have lost NINE pounds.  I am excited and motivated not to keep this momentum going.